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Association of College and University Auditors Conference
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Here are some pictures from an event Rob DJed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada:

Here come the A.I.B.'s! (Auditors in Black) -- Rob communicated the "theme" of all-black attire to attendees before the conference. Add some sunglasses, glow-necklaces, black hats, and this group was slick! Everyone got into the theme. It made for a great event.

Rob workin' the crowd... never a "lull" the whole night.

The Casino theme was a huge hit -- people playing at the blackjack tables while other danced... something for everybody!

Guests enjoyed gaming at the casino tables and dancing -- something for everybody. The dance floor was hopping the whole evening.

"Mambo #5!"
"I like Angela, Pamela, Sandra, and Rita..."

Rob and the GT A.I.B.'s -- when it comes to partying, these guys mean business.

Flip jOhnson workin' his mojo...

Break out the limbo pole!

The All-Black attire theme for the casino-night was a big hit (we let the one white shirt slide... after all, he was wearing a tux!).

Here are some other pictures from the first event in Montreal:

The entire crowd out on the dance floor!
[Notice the flying towel high above the crowd... this group started a tradition years ago to throw a towel out into the crowd. Sorta tough to explain... but trust me, it is an HONOR to "dance" with the towel before throwing it to someone else!
By the way, don't worry... this is a tradition that is ONLY for this group!]

Was this the line for the buffet or a party train line? Not sure but they are having fun!

This was after the first full day of the conference. A great party was a super way to kick off the conference!

Smiles all around... ("hey, got an extra drink ticket?")

Carl surrounded by some lovely lady dance partners (and the towel again high above the crowd...)

Rob decks out the Association's President as the "Chief" for YMCA!


If he can get a bunch of AUDITORS up having a great party, he can get just about ANY group up having fun! This group now comes to party!

This same association tore up San Antonio earlier this year and had a great time. Here are some pictures from that event:

Its fun to stay at the A-C-U-A!

Rob DJing wearing the requisite Hawaiian shirt (in San Antonio??)

Doing the Maria Dance by Ricky Martin (did you ever think that you would see a bunch of AUDITORS livin' la vida loca?)

World's longest party train (or at least the party train with the LOUDEST SHIRTS!)

Dancing with the ACUA Towel (you can just tell by the look on his face that this made his night!)

Come'on Ride the Train... Ride It...

Uh... where are you leading us, Rob??

Winding conga line weaving its way through the ENTIRE room; out the door; and back in again!

Rob leads the group back up to the dance floor then, while the floor is packed, he heads back to keep the music flow seamless.

Dance floor is packed and spilling over into the tables!

Rob out in the middle of an absolutely full dance floor!

These people come to party!

Rob leading the party animals in the Electric Slide... OK, so apparently rhythm is not necessarily a job requirement for auditors...

Where did a guy from ALASKA get THAT shirt??

NOBODY was sitting down! EVERYONE was up on the floor and into the party!

If Rob can get a group of 250 AUDITORS up dancing, having a great time, he can handle just about ANY crowd!

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