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Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

"Rob, your presence and control of the evening's events really 'made' the party a success. Travis has been to several Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties since his own, and he comes back from the parties saying, 'It was good, but Rob Clark was better!'"
Debbi and Perry

"Haley deserved the best, and I can think of no other DJ that could have delivered such an exciting evening the way you did at her Bat Mitzvah. Everything was in sync, from the lights and sound level to the special effects and activities. You've got that charisma that gives your audience only one option.........
to PAR-TAY!!! I actually caught myself planning my own Bar Mitzvah, and I'm over 30.........and not even Jewish!" Jim & Terrie M

Rob, you certainly know how to make sure EVERYONE has a great time at a party! Besides knowing when and how to make everything go smoothly with lots of kids as well as adults, you have a unique gift of knowing how to "read the crowd" and keep their energy up the whole time. As parents planning a Bar Mitzvah, you listened to our concerns and came up with terrific ideas that helped make the party very special! Thank-you!! ---Julian's Mom

Rob, We had a great time all the way around. We want to thank you for the outstanding job you and your team did. The DJ can make or break a party and you certainly made ours. The kids and adults are still talking about it and what a great time they had. You focused appropriately on Mark and kept the kids and adults engaged. I don't know if anyone ever sat down! Your assistants were wonderful as well - professional and fun. Thanks so much for making our big day run perfectly. Ellen and Bruce L

Knowing how to entertain 13 year olds is something that Rob does with energy and enthusiasm -- making each Bar/Bat Mitzvah reception a complete success.

Rob makes available:

No "over-the-top glitz" and cheesy stuff here... no "Las Vegas-style shows" -- just great, clean, energetic fun!

party supplies and DJ props
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"Rob, You were awesome! The party was a blast and you were a BIG part of it. It definitely shows in the pictures and the comments we have received from our friends and family. I've gotten calls for your number and think someone has already booked you! Thanks for putting so much effort into making our party so much fun."
Diane and Paul Heller

"Rob, Awesome party, Awesome job! Well done, we loved every minute." Rhonna Brandi


So how does Rob DJ a Bar/Bat Mitzvah party?

Let's take a look... (it might take a few moments for the pictures to load but be patient... we think you will find this very helpful to "see" Rob "at work")

Long before the guests arrive, Rob is at the reception location, has set all equipment up, run sound checks, taped down all wires, changed into his tux, and is ready to get the party started as soon as the first guests arrive. He has coordinated with the function staff, making sure that the agenda is coordinated by everyone -- including the photographer and videographer.

As soon as the kids come into the reception room, Rob starts with some fun interactive ice breakers -- getting the kids loosened up and into the party right from the start. CD singles are given away as prizes as added incentives.

Fun props (coordinated with the family) are given out to get the guests into the party right away.

Once the food is ready to be served, Rob can help to coordinate the blessings.

Many times, families wish to have a Candle-Lighting ceremony. Rob can help to ensure that this goes smoothly. He provides a wireless microphone for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah to introduce the people. He plays fun uptempo Jewish music as people walk up. The guests clap along and enjoy the celebration!

After this, it could be a great time to bring EVERYBODY out to the dance floor for the HORA!

Rob is right out there in the middle, coordinating raising the Bar/Bat Mitzvah in a chair as everyone claps along! A confetti launch is a fantastic element to add and makes for a great photo shot!

While everyone is up, Rob transitions right into the first dance set that gets all of the kids and adults up together having a great time!

A great start to the party, with everyone involved from the very start!

Now, as food is served, Rob segues to nice background music... played at a comfortable level so that your guests do not have to "shout" over the music.

Once the kids are finished with their meal (usually in about 2 1/2 minutes!), Rob gets them involved in some more games and dancing. No awkward lulls at any time... the energy level stays high and the party atmosphere is non-stop. The kids are never bored!

The Lighted Dance Stage is a HUGE hit and is a great addition to the visual atmosphere!

He introduces a variety of fun, highly interactive activities to ensure that all the kids are involved, participating, and having a great time!

Kids and adults into the party from the start!

Different interactive games and activities that get the kids involved!

He does not just sit back and press buttons on the CD player... Rob is right out there with the kids, leading dances, facilitating games, with an infectious enthusiasm that encourages everyone to get up and involved!

But the adults are not just spectators... Rob makes sure he gets ALL the guests back on the floor together. He leads a party train line to get everyone up!

Within just a couple minutes, the dance floor is again packed! Then Rob keeps the energy level high so that the dance floor is never empty for the entire party.

Professional grade Karaoke system is a great addition to the party! Kids have a blast singing along to their favorite Karaoke songs! [Note: Rob is very careful not to turn it into a "karaoke party." Rather, the Karaoke is just one element of many that he integrates when the timing is right.]

The Karaoke is not just for the kids! Rob skillfully involves the adults too!

More interactive fun dancing and games... Notice that the Karaoke is not just something that the kids sing along to... Rob facilitates getting the crowd dancing along with the songs!

Rob "rewards" those partying out on the dance floor by throwing some fun props out into the crowd.

... and how do the kids respond? Well, take a look and YOU be the judge!

Rob reads the crowd to keep the kids involved with great music that maintains a high energy party atmosphere.

[the Bar Mitzvah boy striking a pose!]

Rob highlights the "guest of honor" and ensures that he/she is in the spotlight and treated to a fantastic party!

A variety of music -- for the kids and the adults -- is played, making sure that everyone enjoys the reception.

Non-stop energy... more interactive games, dancing, and fun from beginning to the end...

Dancing, contests, games, and activities to keep the energy level high!

More dancing for the kids and adults! Everyone is into the fun!

Rob's leading of the party spills over to the whole crowd, making sure that there are no awkward lulls and that everyone is up and involved.

The Bar Mitzvah boy (or Bat Mitzvah girl) will get a chance to pick out not only the music but ALL the various games and activities that he/she would like to play. The whole atsmosphere is ultimately catered to the family's wishes!

The props aren't just for the kids... the ADULTS get into the fun too!

He is not there to put on a "show," but rather to create an atmosphere that makes it comfortable for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah and family and friends to have great memories of a fantastic party.

...Skillfully blending the entertainment so that the kids and adults enjoy an incredible party right up to the very end.

Everyone squatting down around the Bar Mitzvah boy... hands up waving (with him loving every second of it!)... as we go into "Shout!" Again, the Bar Mitzvah boy is the STAR, not Rob.

High-energy (but controlled) excitement throughout the event with everyone having a great time!

Right up to the end of the reception, Rob puts a tremendous amount of energy into making sure that this is a party that will leave the Bar/Bat Mitzvah and family with memories they will cherish for a lifetime.

Do you see some things above that you might like to incorporate into your event? Please understand that each and every reception is catered to exactly what that family wants. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Rob will work closely with you to make sure your family's wishes are carried out.

You will see from the agenda form (link at the bottom of this page) that Rob is extremely thorough in making sure that he has all the details of exactly how the family would like the event to go. That way, the family can relax and enjoy the party too, knowing that they are in excellent hands!

Out of all the elements that go into an event like this, the musical entertainment will largely determine the success. You can be sure that, with Rob as the Disc Jockey and Master of Ceremonies, your Bar/Bat Mitzvah reception will absolutely be a tremendous success!

Looking to add some fun interactive props? Rob can work with you to put together a full package of fun party ideas. Click here to see just a few of the ideas.

party supplies and props


"Rob you were SPECTACULAR! We especially loved
(1) your style - no embarrassing stuff, just straightforward and tasteful;
(2) your repertoire of games, including some we hadn't seen before;
(3) your dealings with the kids - you handled them so gracefully;
(4) your masterful way of getting the adults involved -- we'd never seen so many adults join in... your timing was excellent!"
Nancy A.

"Hi Rob, You did a fantastic job at Atlanta Rocks. I was VERY impressed at what you could do as a one-man show! I look forward to working with you again and referring business to you." Alyss Sallerson, Seasonings

"Hey Mr. DJ dude, just wanted to say how happy I am that Eva's party went so well, thanks to you. (Eva's my best friend.) It was a really special event and deserved a special party, and you were awesome." :-) ---Haley

Click here to download a Bar/Bat Mitzvah planning Form

Click here to show a partial listing of some of the most frequently requested Jewish Music

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