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DJ Equipment

Rob uses only high quality professional grade sound system components to ensure crystal clear sound, always played at a comfortable volume.

[Note in this function that Rob spread out to use a large open area. However, he CAN set up in a much smaller area if necessary. For a larger view of the set-up, click here.]

This is what the equipment set-up looks like from the dance floor:
professional, neat appearance;
wires covered and secured;
NO tacky banners displayed.


For a smaller area, the equipment can be scaled back to be fitting for the room as shown here.
Here you can see Rob's equipment set up in a very small area: neatly condensed; compact; tucked in the corner, and not overpowering for size of the room. Yet the sound quality is still pristine.

Look below for a listing and description of the professional equipment that Rob uses.

Quality of equipment DOES matter. Honestly, it does not take much now-a-days for someone to start in the DJ business. Someone can go down to the local Radio Shack, plop down a couple thousand dollars on what they refer to as "DJ equipment," and think that they are ready to go. But are they really? And what is the overall quality of that event going to be?

If so, then you have witnessed first hand the negative effects of cheaper equipment. Rob has invested heavily into only high-quality, professional grade equipment in order to avoid all of these adverse situations and to treat his clients to high quality sound. It DOES make a difference!

Perhaps one of the best ways to sum this up is in the comments Rob recently received from the bartender and waitstaff from a large facility in Atlanta where they hold dozens of events every week. He said, "Man! That is the best sounding DJ system I've ever heard! And I hear lots of them week in and week out. That sounded awesome! You didn't blast us out, but you filled the room with music like I've never heard before. That's incredible stuff!"

Another way to think about this is thinking about the difference between watching an action movie on TV, just using the TV's built-in speakers, vs. playing that same movie through a high fidelity surround sound system with subwoofers, and multiple speakers. Same movie, but VERY different experiences as you watch the movie. High quality audio DOES make a difference -- in the movie theaters as well as at your event.

While it's difficult to demonstrate that through the Internet, what we can show you is a list of the equipment that Rob uses. What you will see, if you do your research, is that Rob simply does not cut corners and has invested in some of the very best equipment available... all so that YOU can be treated to an incredible audio atmosphere -- high quality sound always played at the right volume. Take a look:

Rane MP-44 Mixing Board - "The best club mixer money can buy!" Absolutely, the most advanced and top-of-the-line DJ mixer on the market. Rane is known around the world as being the best and this is their top mixer. The features and quality are unmatched. What that means to YOU as the client is that you and your guests will be treated to pristine sound -- for the toasts to the dances and everything in between.

Why would Rob invest $1,500 into one piece of equipment (especially since most average DJ mixers are only a couple hundred dollars)? Because sound quality is only as good as its weakest link. And Rob believes each of his clients deserve the very best in audio performance -- crystal clear, no buzz, no hums, no bleeding through on channels (all of these are typical drawbacks of cheaper mixers), and superior control over shaping the sound. Sound quality DOES make a difference in the success of an event. Rob does not cut corners in providing top quality audio.

Rane Mojo MM8x mixing board - high quality sound; no noise or hiss; balanced outputs; individual EQ on each channel allows for full shaping of sound. Rane mixing boards are used in the finest nightclubs. This is Rob's BACK-UP mixer.

Denon DN-D9000 -- Regarded as "World's most advanced double CD player!" -- Includes 7 world premiere features that allow for seamless transitions between songs, shock-proof to protect against skipping, and many more features that will ensure that the music mix will be spontaneous, creative, and flawless!
Numark CDN-88 -- Numark's advanced, top-of-the-line CD player packed with great features that allow for smooth transitions, adjusting of the pitch and master tempo; also anti-shock to prevent skips!

With 4 CD players in the console (see picture below), Rob has multiple options of songs cued up at all times.

Denon 2600 CD player -- Prior to the DN-D9000, Denon's most advanced top-of-the-line CD player. Allows for lots of creativity with the music and seamless transitions between songs. Shock-proof to protect against skipping too! Many DJs aspire to one day having this as their primary deck. This is one of the players that is in Rob's BACKUP unit!

Denon 2500 CD player -- loaded with features that allow seamless transitions between songs; digital sampling; modifying the pitch and the key of songs; etc. This is another one of the players that is in Rob's BACKUP unit!

QSC Powerlite 4.0 Amplifier -- These are the same high quality amps used on Ricky Martin's latest tour. This amp has 4,000 watts of crystal-clear power!

QSC - PLX3402 Newest Professional line from QSC -- This amp has 3,400 watts of pristine power for the subwoofers for a great "warm" sound, filling the room.

Crown PowerBase 3 amplifier - one of the back-up amplifiers in Rob's case. Many other DJs aspire to having this amp as their primary unit.

Gemini 9500 CD player - This is yet another back-up that Rob has to his systems with him at all times. Overkill to have all this back-up equipment? Perhaps. But worth it for the peace of mind!

Shure U4S wireless microphone system -- This same system is trusted by sound engineers, professional touring recording artists, and by the top stars on Broadway. Shure's exclusive MARCAD® Diversity circuitry, which provides the combined benefits of two independent RF sections for remarkable sensitivity, improved reception and exceptional freedom from dropout. What that means to YOU is announcements will be crystal-clear; toasts and speeches will be clear and you will be treated to the best microphone system available.

This is absolutely Shure's top-of-the-line wireless microphone system. Ask any sound engineer who knows his/her stuff and they will tell you that this the best there is. Why does Rob invest over $2,000 into one microphone system? Because when it comes time for the father of the bride to offer a word of welcome or the best man to give a toast it is a once in a lifetime occasion. When that special moment is interferred with because a DJ is using a cheap microphone system that has drop-outs, annoying interference, static, or feedback, you can't get that back. Rob wants to make sure that every client has the utmost confidence that the equipment will work flawlessly -- every single time. That provides you with great peace of mind.

3 Shure ULX Series wireless microphone systems -- A new line from Shure -- Over 1400 selectable, pre-programmed frequencies are available, and Automatic Frequency Selection provides a straight shot to a clear channel. This means crystal-clear signal with no drop-outs or interference. Rob has THREE of these systems to allow for multiple wireless applications.

Multiple wireless systems for the guests to use for toasts, blessings, etc. It also allows Rob to be out on the dance floor leading the party!

Shure SC Series wireless microphone system - wonderful clarity -- concert quality; allows the changing of frequencies so that there is no interference -- just crystal clear reliable sound. This is one of several back-up wireless microphone systems.

NEW! JBL MPro-400 Series speakers! This incredible set of speakers and subwoofers delivers an unbelievably crystal-clear sound of the highest quality. Announcements are heard perfectly -- no muffled "Charlie Brown's teacher" sounds, just supreme high fidelity concert-quality sound. The bass is defined and full, filling the room with a comfortable "warm" sound.

JBL MPro MP415 15" Two-Way Speakers and
JBL MPro MP418S Subwoofers
NEW! JBL SRX718S Subwoofers - This is even a step up in quality over the MPro line and delivers a deep, "warm" bass with superb definition. The quality of sound is incredible!

2 JBL MR925 speakers with 15" woofers and horn - the STANDARD for high quality sound and ruggedness; super "clean" sound. These are just two of the back-up speakers that Rob has. He carries with him another SIX SPEAKERS as back-up or for larger events.

Many DJs aspire to one day have high quality speakers like this as their primary speakers... these are Rob's
BACK-UP speakers!

2 EV 18" Subwoofers - creating a full sound that fills up the room with the lower frequencies of music. These are carried as back-up speakers.

JBL EON G2 - Powered 15" speakers -- Newly improved self-powered speaker from the industry leader; 400 watts of amplification built into the speaker delivering power to a 15" neodymium Differential Drive® LF driver; used with a wireless transmitter to provide pristine sound virtually anywhere in the facility.
JBL EON Powered 15" speakers -- These crystal-clear sounding speakers have an amplifier built right in. Rob then uses a wireless system to transmit the signal anywhere in the room (or different room) to be able to provide sound wherever you need.
Shure T4N -
2 wireless transmission systems
-- using the self-amplified JBL EON G2 and JBL EON speakers shown above and this wireless system, Rob can set up speakers in the far corners of the room and send the wireless signal to the speakers so that the entire room can be filled up with a comfortable even sound.

Here you see how Rob uses this wireless technology. In this large ballroom, the people at the far end of the room would not be able to hear all the announcements and music clearly unless it was turned up VERY loud. That would make it uncomfortably loud for the guests near the dance floor. Instead, Rob sets up a self-powered 15" woofer JBL Eon G2 speaker over 100 feet away; uses the wireless transmission system above; and sends a separate signal from his mixing board. That way, whereever guests are in the room, they will hear the same comfortable volume!

In this picture, on the upper right corner of the mixing board is the wireless transmitter. It sends the audio signal to the wireless receiver that is then hooked into the self-powered speaker over 100 feet away. You can just barely make out the full-size speaker on the left-hand side of the large window (circled on the picture in yellow). Perfect clarity; nice even, comfortable sound filling up the entire ballroom. The volume level on each speaker can be independently controlled to ensure it is appropriate and comfortable at all times.

Denon MR2000 Minidisc player/recorder -- great for use of digital samples and special mixes of music

Crown CM311A series headset microphone - the very same high-quality headset microphone used by Garth Brooks, Britney Spears, Madonna, Ricky Martin, and others. This allows Rob hands-free operations while making announcements, cuing up music, leading dances, and facilitating the party.

Numark CD-Mix2 - This is another back-up unit that Rob carries with him at all times. It is a Dual CD player and mixer combination with 2 microphone inputs, with Anti Shock. This is a great back-up that can be used for ceremony music as well.

2 Samson UHF wireless microphone systems - in addition to the Shure systems above, the Samson systems provide an additional back-up and that much more flexibility to hands-free and wireless microphone uses.

Lexicon digital sound processor -- to add recording studio-quality effects to vocals through the microphone.

dbx DriveRack PA - state-of-the-art highly advanced sound processing delivering crystal clear undistorted sound. Using the accompanying measuring device, it automatically establishes the perfect EQ settings for EVERY event location (which is important because every facility is different so the sound needs to be individually shaped). It's like having your very own sound engineer at YOUR event!

[click on the image to see more]

This remarkable piece of equipment serves as an electronic crossover (separating sound signals to send appropriate frequencies to the correct amplifiers and speakers); feedback eliminator (eliminating annoying microphone feedback); Dual 28-band Graphic EQ; compressor; stereo output limiter; 120A Sub-harmonic Synthesizer; Stereo Multi-band Parametric EQ; and more. Do a side-by-side comparison with this system vs. one without it and you will be amazed at the superior sound quality. It DOES make a difference. You'll notice it and so will your guests.

Behringer SUPER-X PRO CX2310 Electronic Crossover (for the back-up system)- this electronically separates the sound signal to send the appropriate frequencies to the right amplifier and speakers. This adds to the super-clean sound.


Precision, state-of-the-art circuitry, professional components, ultra low-noise op amps, fully balanced in and outputs and intuitive operation.

DOD 835 Electronic Crossover - This is another back-up crossover to separate the signal to the appropriate amplifiers.


Behringer MDX2200 Compressor/Limiter/ Expander -- the industry standard for controlling the sound, limiting high peaks in the music that could otherwise hurt the ears or damage speakers.


Behringer Eurorack UB2222FX-PRO -- mixing console, used to control multiple microphones (e.g., for karaoke), instruments (e.g., for a wedding ceremony), etc.; 8 new state-of-the-art, studio-grade IMP “Invisible” Mic Preamps;Integrated 24-bit digital stereo FX processor; and much more!

Behringer EURORACK MX1604A -- mixing console for microphones and instruments; four mono and four stereo channels plus an impressive set of professional features in a compact yet transparent package. Along with the same high-quality components and ULN circuitry as our large consoles, you get effective, musical 3-band EQ’s.

Juice Goose power conditioner -- power distribution center with lights and voltage meter.

2 @ 2400 watt Voltage Regulators - This enables the voltage to be controlled and regulated so that an even voltage gets through to the equipment -- even when air conditioners and other power hungry appliances kick in elsewhere in the facility.


As you can see, Rob has invested heavily into high quality equipment. He has made this commitment so that each client is treated to pristine, crystal clear sound and always, always played at a comfortable volume.


The equipment is neatly contained in these specially designed cases ensuring that all wires are covered, and everything is professionally presented.
Note the Denon DN-HC4500 Dual Controller, Dual CD player, 7 wireless microphone systems, and mixing board all compactly contained. The Virtual DJ software running off a Toshiba 3 Ghz, 1 gigabyte RAM, 17" widescreen laptop, compactly arranged in the case with the light controller and uninterruptable power supply and EIGHT TERABYTES of storage in external hard drives.

As a back-up, Rob brings OVER THOUSANDS offull length compact discs to every function -- ensuring that he will be able to accommodate just about any popular musical request. All of the CDs are contained in neatly presented cases.

Superior sound equipment delivers superior sound. We simply do NOT cut corners. Your event is too important to us.

Click HERE to find out more about how Rob incorporates the latest technology into your event.

Outdoor party? Rob has his own tent for outdoor parties. He also has a generator capable of powering the party when electricity is not readily available.

[By the way, let us put a plug in for the store where Rob has purchased just about every single piece of equipment -- New England Speaker Technicians in Stoneham, Massachusetts. Rob has done lots of shopping around for the best prices and best service over the years and you simply cannot beat either with these guys. They ship all over the country. Tell them Rob sent you and they will take good care of you! There is nothing in it for Rob -- he just likes to point people to where they can get a great deal! They were sponsors for the Mark Ferell "Worth Tour" stop in Atlanta on October 10, 2002, so they are very supportive of the DJ industry.
Call them at 781-438-1786.]

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