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Party Enhancing Props!

"Rob, there was not a single 'lull' the entire night! You really kept the party going from the beginning right straight through to the end."
Debbie S.

If you are looking for Rob to take an active role in making sure that you and your guests are up and having a great time, he can:
he can lead a dance -- he doesn't just put on a song and tell people to dance, but rather, he goes out and LEADS the dance;
he can bring the wireless microphone out on to the dance floor and get your guests totally into the party -- all in a tasteful, fun, energetic atmosphere;

He does this while NOT putting on a "show." He does not draw the attention to himself. Rather, he tries to "prime the pump" to create an atmosphere that is condusive to your guests getting up and involved.

If you are looking for an added spark to turn the dance floor into an all-out party atmosphere, here is what happens when we provide your guests with some fun hats, sunglasses, leis, and other party supplies:

people partying and dancing

A packed dance floor of people partying up a storm!


If you would like to add a colorful spark to your event, Rob will be able to include, at your request, an assortment of props to help liven up the party.

We want to make it very clear that we provide these ONLY IF YOU REQUEST IT. We want to make sure that everything we do is in good taste and is EXACTLY what each client wants it to be. If having these things at your event is not your style, no problem. Rob can create a fun atmosphere without them.

party supplies and props


lighted dance stage

Our one-of-a-kind Lighted Dance Stage is a huge hit and a highly popular option!

But if you do want to include some fun novelties, here are a few of the options:

Inflatable Instruments -- Another favorite is to get your guests to be the "band." Gives new meaning to "air guitar!"

Inflatable Instruments -- Here are the items we would suggest. Click on each item to connect to the Party Store.

Below are the items we would recommend, along with links to the supplier that we use. Click on the pictures of the items for more info:

Inflatable microphones

Inflatable guitars

Inflatable saxaphones

Inflatable Keyboards

Or you can choose the "Air Band" package:
Kit Includes: 3 - Guitars 3 - Saxophones 3 - Trumpets 3 - Microphones 3 - Keyboards 3 - Banjos 3 - Drums 3 - Clarinet

Glow Necklaces -- a favorite for all ages!

LED Flashing Necklace -- a great party enhancer at all events!

Leis -- Nothing helps spice up a conga line like putting colorful leis on your guests!

Boas -- Perhaps no single prop provides more fun for the wearer than a colorful feathered boa! Put this around a lady's shoulders and she becomes instantly transformed!

Sunglasses -- When we put a pair of fun sunglasses on your guests, they find instant courage to get into the party!


Hats -- Another great way to get your guests involved in the party!

Hats -- Perfect for just about any great dance song for kids AND adults!

LED flashing lights! -- a super popular item for all events!
Maracas -- another great addition to the conga line to get people into the mood!
Foam Hands - Great way to accentuate a "Hands Up" dance, a Disco set, "We Will Rock You," and just about any high energy dance set! Makes a great picture with everybody's hands up in the air.
Hand Clappers -- want your guests to get the party started right from the beginning? Having each guest make some noise with the hand clappers during the introductions can be a fun hit!

Sombreros -- Great effect to add to a tropical theme or Mexican theme.
Cowboy Hats -- Adds a flair to a Country & Western theme dance set. Great for ALL ages!

party supplies and DJ props

Whether you would like ALL of these items OR NONE, it is entirely up to you. Rob simply wants to make available to each client whatever you think is best suited to your tastes. Please discuss this with Rob to ensure that he knows exactly what you would like.

Hats, Leis, and Sunglasses turned this group into a party crowd in a hurry!

Sunglasses, Glow Necklaces, Black hats... all help to create a very cool look in the crowd!

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