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"A DJ can make or break a wedding reception, and you definitely made ours! Everyone told us how much fun they had. 'Awesome' was the word we heard frequently. Although the majority of the guests were twenty something, a few were as young as five and a few were as old as 80. Somehow you were able to involve everyone in the fun. Also, the music you provided for the ceremony was beautiful and perfect for the occasion. The photographs on the web site are a special bonus--have printed and sent them to many family members and friends. Thank you for an outstanding performance and a job well done!!" Emily's Mom

"Rob, you truly made our wedding day come complete! We had total faith in you -- justifiably so -- a complete professional -- you integrated our requests and made our wedding day such a blast!"
Beth & Hugh

"Rob, I want to thank you for making this wedding such a memorable occassion. As the father of the bride, I spoke to just about everybody at the reception (about 150) and each one thought you were terrific. You got things going right from the start and kept us all active. Even wallflowers like myself had no choice but to join in and have a great time. It was a blast from start to finish. I've never seen a DJ work the crowd with as much mastery. Young, elderly- it didn't matter. There was something for everyone. You made the reception using good taste, good music, and good ideas. God bless you and the work you do to make special occassions just that--special." Adrian Devine

Tasteful, Elegant, Romantic, and FUN!

"Dear Rob, What can I say except....another fabulous event! Being an event professional, I know how difficult it is to keep a party going on a Sunday night... except, it seems, for YOU! You kept the crowd in attendance and dancing until the very end! You're a natural 'master of ceremonies' and true professional in every sense of the word. I'm looking forward to many more events together!"
Lisa Crowder -- StoryBook Wedding Consulting

Think about weddings that you have been to over the past couple years. Most people don't remember the details of the dresses, cheese & cracker table, the centerpieces, or many other details. What people MOST remember is how much FUN they had. Rob understands how important the musical entertainment is to the success of your wedding reception. He knows that it is the musical entertainment that, as many couples say, will "make-or-break" the reception. You can be sure that, with Rob providing the master of ceremonies services and musical entertainment, your reception WILL BE a fantastic success and you will have wonderful memories you will cherish for a lifetime.

He is NOT an "average DJ." There is nothing "average" about ANYTHING that we do. He truly is a highly skilled and experienced "Entertainment Director."

But don't take our word for it. See for yourself in the pictures below and numerous quotes on the web site...

"Rob, We can't thank you enough for the marvelous entertainment you provided for our Daughter's Wedding. Our guests were amazed and voiced 'The Wedding of the Year.' The term 'DJ' does not begin to cover your talents. Thank you!"
The Dempsey's

"Rob, you were definitely the highlight of the wedding - EVERYONE has been singing your praises. You were wonderful, the music was perfect, the lighting was great; words cannot describe how pleased we were. Thank you!"
Jennifer and Michael Bolling

"Rob, There simply aren't any words to express our gratitude to you nor any words that haven't already been expressed on your site. I can only say that for the rest of our lives we will look back on our day and know that you created a reception that was perfect. You orchestrated and coordinated the reception to the fullest. So many of our guests have said it was the best wedding they have ever been to. It isn't easy to get everyone on their feet - but you managed to do that. I'm not sure we can ever repay you... but we will certainly recommend you to everyone we know. My manager was at the wedding (he's the Community Relations Director for Scientific-Atlanta). He has been to countless functions and he told my co-workers you were amazing. We (along with our families) are so grateful that you were a part of our day. Thank you Rob - you are a very special person." Chris & Renee

Rob is not the "entertainer" -- he is not there to put on a "show" or put the spotlight on himself. Rather, he is there to facilitate and direct the atmosphere that YOU want, making sure that YOU and your guests are in the spotlight. He coordinates with the caterer, photographer, videographer to make sure that all the behind-the-scenes details are taken care of. That frees you up to just relax and enjoy your day!

"Rob, we can't thank you enough for making Julie and Matt's wedding reception such a memorable event. The guests cannot stop talking about how much fun they had and how great the DJ was! Many of them said it was the best party they had ever been to! My sister-in-law in Wichita, KS will no doubt be calling you in the future as will many of the other guests. Personally, I appreciate the way you made us plan everything out ahead of time and then at the reception, we could relax while you took over. Your enthusiasm was contagious and made everyone want to participate in the fun. Although you were a big hit, you never failed to put the focus on the bride and groom. Thank you so much for making this an evening we will never forget."
The Abrahams

"Rob, I was very impressed with your amazing ability to keep everything going smoothly and seeing you get the crowd into having a PARTY. The whole place was swingin'. We at Wright Touch Video take great pride in being one of the Premier Video Companies in Atlanta and we also take great pride in our referral service. I am planning on putting you and your service as one of our top DJ/ENTERTAINERS."
Pierre Kimball, Wright Touch Video

Everything is in good taste, elegant, romantic, sophisticated, and yet fun and energetic. But there is nothing "cheesy" at all! No hoola hoops, chicken suits, Elvis wigs, blow-up toys, or anything goofy. This is a wedding reception, not a kids' party. Rob creates an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere while still making sure that guests are involved and treated to a great party!

Rob will be able to create the atmosphere you have always dreamed that your reception would be. If you are not yet sure of exactly what you want, Rob will work with you to plan that out before your reception. That way, on your special day, you will have complete confidence that every detail will be taken care of and you will not have to make a single stressful decision.

This will be YOUR reception, suited to YOUR tastes. He does not take a cookie-cutter approach. Every reception is uniquely designed to fit the individual tastes of each couple. He is committed to ensuring that your reception has your "signature" on it -- so that you, your friends, and family really feel like this is YOUR personalized reception.

"Rob Clark is, without a doubt, the most professional, worry-free and FUN-FILLED DJ we have ever been associated with in our entire lives!"
Kevin & Heather

"Rob, we have worked with hundreds of DJ’s and bands over the past 11 years – but NONE are as good as you. You are extremely polite, professional and accommodating. YOU made this wedding memorable for all of us!" DeWayne and Lori Grice
(Lori Grice Photography)

"Rob, you did a great job of blending together a classy yet fun and energetic reception, and certainly got people up out of their seats. I really appreciate you coordinating with the photographer, etc. and truly running the reception so David and I could enjoy ourselves. Everyone has commented on what a great job you did -- even those who wanted us to hire a band! We certainly feel it was worth a little extra money to have someone who didn’t treat us like a number, and to feel that the reception was in the control of someone as capable and confident as you. Thanks again"
Lesley and David Zebrowitz

So how does Rob structure a wedding reception?

The answer is -- to YOUR specifications and wishes. But below is a basic outline of how you may wish to have the agenda flow. Each of the events here was catered to the exact wishes of each couple.

Let's take a look... (the images might take a few minutes to load but be patient, we think you will find it helpful to be able to "see" Rob "at work.")

"Rob, Thank you for the wonderful job you did at our reception! Our guests cannot stop talking about what an awesome party it was. I could not recommend you highly enough! We will have to throw another party just to have you DJ. You were excellent! Your professionalism helped us to enjoy ourselves and not have to worry about anything. Weeks after the wedding our guests are STILL talking about it! Our reception would not have been as wonderful without you being such a big part of it. I am so happy we found you! Thanks again!"
Felicia and Rob Bohannon


As your Entertainment Director, Rob will meet with you, call you, email you, and stay in frequent touch with you to plan out every detail of the reception. We will dedicate many, many hours of advanced planning with you to make sure that every aspect of the reception is wonderfully choreographed. We will have gone over the entire agenda; discussed all the details of the music you wish to have played AND, just as importantly, the music that you do NOT want to have played.

Now let's fast-forward to the wedding reception and see what that might look like...


[Note: In this picture, Rob spread out to use a large area. Rob's equipment can be put into a very small area if necessary.]

Long before the guests arrive, Rob is at the reception location, sound system and lighting system set-up, sound checks performed, wires taped down securely, dressed fully in his tuxedo, with some nice background music playing for the guests as they come in.

Introductions -- Rob welcomes your guests and gets people ready to have a wonderful celebration. He lines up the wedding party, ensures he has the right pairings and pronunciations of names. Then he plays some fun, high-energy music as he introduces the wedding party then finally the bride and groom!
Most couples go right into their first dance -- highlighted by special lighting spotlighting the bride and groom.
Bubbles! The option of soft, romantic bubbles drift over the dance floor during the couple's first dance...

At the end of the first dance, the option of a Confetti Launch is a great way to start the party! It makes for a fantastic shot in the couple's photo album. [Note that Rob had coordinated with the photographer too to make sure he was in the optimal location to capture the shot. He attends to all of the small details like this throughout the event to ensure everything runs smoothly.]
During the meal, Rob plays some nice background dinner music -- kept at a comfortable volume so that people can enjoy the meal and enjoy conversation without having to shout over the music. High quality sound equipment DOES make a difference!

One great way to involve everyone and make the dinner time entertaining, is to have the guests at their tables sing a verse of a song with the word "LOVE" in it to encourage the bride and groom to kiss! Rob can help facilitate that to make it a lot of fun!
A superior quality professional wireless microphone is provided so the Best Man can be in the picture with the Bride and Groom for the toast.
Rob coordinates with the caterer and photographer for the cutting of the cake. Background music of the couple's choice is played. He makes sure that your guests are aware this is taking place so they don't miss this fun photo opportunity.

"Rob, The wedding was perfect… you completed it by your charismatic performance at the reception. What Fun!! This was the greatest wedding I've ever attended which includes the one we attended in Barcelona, Spain which lasted until 4:00 a.m. in the morning! Wishing you continued success!" Pat Harris (Mother of the Groom)

Bride dances with her Father (then Groom dances with his mother). That special dance that parents dream about from the time their children are young...

This provides a good opportunity to direct the focus back to the dance floor at which point we can open the floor up to all the guests...

photo by Mike Moreland Photography 770-993-6059

Now it's time to open up the dance floor and get your guests up and involved in the party. Rob gets the guests up right away and KEEPS the energy level high so that people STAY involved the entire time!

photo by Mike Moreland Photography 770-993-6059
He does not sit back, just pressing buttons on a CD player... Rob is right out there to help get the party started! He is not there to draw attention to himself -- rather, the spotlight is on YOU and your guests!

photo by Mike Moreland Photography 770-993-6059

This picture was taken just 2 minutes into the dancing part of the reception... and look -- the dancefloor is PACKED! And that is just the start... Rob keeps the flow going so that the dancefloor is NEVER EMPTY.
He plays a great variety of music to get all ages up on the dance floor... from the grandparents to young guests... Rob has the variety of music to satisfy everyone. But it is not just about having a variety of music -- it is about knowing how to read the crowd and knowing what to play and when in order to ensure everyone is involved.
He builds a perfect mix and flow to the music that will make sure the dance floor is FULL all night!
marreid couples dance
Rob coordinates a special dance for just the married couples -- ultimately determining the couple married the longest...
It makes for a special moment to then have just that couple and the bride and groom dancing the rest of the song. Here is the bride and groom (married for 3 hours at this point) with a great uncle and aunt who had just recently celebrated their 50th ANNIVERSARY!
Back to the dancing... Rob leads off more interactive dancing to keep the party energy high. Again, he is not putting on a "show" or some "routine." Rather, Rob is the facilitator -- focusing on creating just the right energy level to get people comfortable and involved. Once they are, he discreetly slips back out of the picture to mix the next set of music.

"Rob, We just wanted to write and let you know how very pleased we were with the outstanding job you did on our wedding reception. Everything was perfect. We've had nothing but compliments on the music and the way you performed. Of all the vendors we worked with, you were the easiest. Thanks for making the most important day of our lives so special. Thank you!" Brent and Celeste Anderson

High-Tech lighting effects create wonderful visual energy to add to the atmosphere. The right effects used at the right times to create the perfect mood.


Rob has a variety of lighting packages to offer. What most couples choose is the "Recommended Wedding Package" which includes all sorts of wonderful effects to complete the atmosphere.

Not tacky. Not cheesy. Just wonderful lighting effects to compliment the visual atmosphere and enhance the mood that you desire.


The bride and groom are appropriately the center of attention, not the DJ. But being able to create this atmosphere is the difference between an average DJ and a great Entertainment Director. That's where Rob's skills shine.
When the situation calls for it, Rob can facilitate interactive dances that get everyone involved -- here a more current "stroll" or "soul train" -- men on one side... ladies on the other... then a fun party song as people dance down the middle!
Just the right mix of fast party songs with slow love songs to create the perfect romantic atmosphere.

The party continues...

"Fins to the Left, Fins to the Right..."


Another bride and groom getting into the party and having the time of their lives! This is not just an isolated picture of one couple having a great time. We encourage you to look through the THOUSANDS of pictures in the Pictures section. You will see for yourself that this is a consistent theme. Rob creates a fantastic celebration at EVERY reception!

Groom kickin' his heels up! (yes, he IS actually airborne!)

Whether your reception is 300 people or 30, Rob will be able to make sure that it is a wonderful and memorable party!

Fun party songs that get everyone involved (depending entirely, of course, on YOUR requests). This picture was taken well into party. It's not just the bridesmaids and college friends left. It's everyone - grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents' friends, etc. Rob is able to build the energy and music mix throughout the event so that EVERYONE is there dancing to the very end!

"You really know how to get the party started quick! You helped us to have the perfect wedding and reception that we wanted to have and we had so much fun thanks to you that we did not want it to end. The hats, guitars, saxophones, etc. were a hit just as we thought they would be. We have been to a lot of wedding receptions and you really are the best out there.
Love, Tawnya and Josh Brogdon"

Fun Props? -- ONLY if YOU want them... but adding some fun props can be a great way to liven up the dance floor! We do not ever use props unless that is something that the bride and groom clearly communicate to us before the reception. We do not want you to be surprised or concerned about "wondering what the DJ might do." The props were a specific request from this bride and the way that Rob skillfully integrated this (without being cheesy), you can see that she and her guests had a blast!

In order for the bouquet toss to go smoothly, it takes a skilled Entertainment Director and master of ceremonies to ensure that it is organized quickly, that the single ladies are in place, that the photographer and videographer are ready, and that the crowd is engaged and helping to energize this part of the reception. Rob is able to do that with finess and enthusiasm.

[Photograph by Leonard Goodelman of Affordable Photography (770) 992-1529]


The Groom getting into the fun while removing his wife's garter! [Note that Rob gets the wedding party up standing behind the bride as an effective backdrop to this shot. Having photography experience himself, Rob is constantly working behind-the-scenes with the photographer to help set up the best photo opportunities.]
As with the bouquet toss, he organizes the garter toss smoothly, efficiently, with the right balance of enthusiasm and always in good taste.
The tradition usually calls for the man who catches the garter to then put in on the leg of the lady who catches the bouquet (assuming both are adults and will go along with the fun). Fun, tasteful music is played (NOT "The Stripper" -- we don't think that is most appropriate for most weddings with 2 people who may not know each other well). Rob makes sure that the emphasis is on tasteful FUN, not on making anyone uncomfortable.
BUT... as a fun twist, Rob has the man and lady SWITCH so that she puts the garter on HIS leg (over the pants)!
Back to more dancing... the party just keeps going and going and going... with people having a fantastic time! The dance floor lighting adds just the right spark.
Elegant, romantic songs for all ages...
The bride and groom are always the focus, not the DJ. Here they are surrounded by their friends and family, getting ready to "SHOUT!"
This made this little guy's night -- dancing with the bride!

Bride and groom and their guests partying all night long!

"...The Karaoke was PERFECT! We loved how you would time everything perfect and do a great dance song, then room for some karaoke, then more dance music, and so on! It all played together perfectly!..." Joe and Stephanie Rojas

KARAOKE? -- This is available as an option and it CAN be a lot of fun. Rob is careful to integrate this is just one small part of the party (NEVER losing control and turning the reception into just a 'karaoke party.') Couples who choose this often comment later about how they keep watching that part of their wedding video over and over. We usually recommend integrating just a few songs over the course of the reception so as not to over-do it. But even in small doses, it can be a huge addition to the party!

"Rob, I'm Kip's sister from California and just wanted to say I've never attended a wedding reception that got moving so fast and stayed moving so long in my life. I've also never stayed until the last song was played, even at my own wedding reception! I still have the blisters to prove that I did, however. You were born for this work, man, and you're great. Thanks for one of the best parties I've ever attended. You helped create memories that my family will long treasure." Barbara Bradley

Rob does NOT use props unless it is a specific request of the bride and groom.

So how does Rob incorporate the props wiithout making it seem "cheesy"? The answer is that he waits for the perfect time when the party is hopping -- that way the props ADD to the atmosphere and help people loosen up and really get into the party.

It's all about TIMING and "reading" the crowd. The way Rob interacts with the guests and creates a fun energy level leaves people talking about how fun the reception was for days, weeks, months (and, yes, even YEARS) afterwards!
Slow songs are worked in throughout the evening, giving people an opportunity to catch their breath. A burst of bubbles floating over head provides just the right romantic touch.
Perfect balance of elegance, romance...
... and FUN!
Having a fantastic celebration right up until the end...

The bride and groom soaking up every wonderful moment... storing up memories that they will cherish for a lifetime.
Then finally, after a full evening of celebrating... it's time for the last dance. Surrounded by friends and family, they finish their dance and go around the circle to say goodbye before they head off on their honeymoon. A perfect end to a wonderful celebration.

Rob can then coordinate your exit out of the reception to the limo, making sure that everyone is lined, up, with the birdseed, bubbles, sparklers, flower petals, etc. -- making sure that special photo shot is captured.


"Rob, Thank you for making our reception so much fun!! We have had so many people tell us that our wedding reception was the most fun one they have ever been to! Everyone had a great time and it was all because of the excellent job you did getting the party going and keeping it fun all night. We didn't want the party to be over at the end of the night! Thank you for helping make our wedding celebration the best night of our lives!"
Rob and Amy Harris

... and they've only just begun...

Do any of these pictures capture the type of atmosphere that YOU are looking for? As you see, Rob is able to create ANY type of atmosphere -- catered specifically to each bride and groom. Perhaps it is some combination of all of these. Perhaps there are some things that you have seen here that might be somewhat different than what you are looking for. The bottom line is that YOU let us know how you would like YOUR reception to be structured and Rob will work hard to make your dream reception come to life.

"Dear Rob, This is the mom of the groom - Trish Ray - and I am also the wedding coordinator for our church (in addition to being the Senior Pastor's wife). Needless to say, I've been to hundreds and hundreds of weddings! But, hands down, Mark and Liane's had the best DJ of any I've ever attended! You are so gifted at involving everyone in the festivities and keeping the party rolling! You are upbeat, attentive, wise and full of joy! I have heard from so very many people since then and with no exception, one of the things that is mentioned about the wedding day is you and your gifts. Thank you for being willing to come so far to do this for them! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Love, Trish Ray"

"Hi Rob. It has been almost one year since our wedding (10/20/2001) and let me tell are STILL the talk of it. If our wedding ever comes up in a conversation, so does your name. Everyone still raves about how much fun you made the reception and how you made everyone come alive. I, again, just wanted to thank you for providing us with such a great time and making our wedding such a memorable event. Sincerely, Colleen and Leighton Shor"

Great Lighting Effects to add to the fun!

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Looking for a fun and unique idea for the Rehearsal Dinner?

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NOTE: Please keep in mind that each reception is catered specifically to each couple. The music, the atmosphere, the activities that you will see in these videos were all to each couple's wishes. YOUR preferences might be a bit different than these. That is perfectly fine... Rob can cater to your preferences just as well.

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"Rob, Everyone at our wedding really enjoyed themselves and commented on what a wonderful job you did. In fact, several of them thought that you were a personal friend of Daron and I, because of the great job and effort you put into the reception.

"I will definitely pass along your name to anyone that is in need of a DJ.

"Thanks again." Robin and Daron

Here is another example of a letter which sums it up pretty well: (click on the letter for a larger image).
Here is another letter recently received (click on the letter for a larger image)

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