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One of the most popular events for company parties, corporate functions, and conferences is a casino party theme. Rob is regarded as Atlanta's top DJ and Master of Ceremonies for casino parties. He works with the top companies and provides the DJ/MC services combined with Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and other casino gaming options.

Rob works well with the participants and the dealers to ensure that there is a high energy level maintained throughout the event. Interactive dancing, trivia, group dances and activities, and a number of other highly interactive activities ensure that it is non-stop fun from beginning to the end of the party.

So how does it work?

The gaming tables are set up before the guests come into the room. As guests come in, they are handed some "fun money" (play money) to use at the casino tables. The dealers explain the rules of how to play and then the fun begins!

Guests have fun gaming at the tables, trying to increase their "winnings." At the end of the evening, guests "cash in" their chips and money to purchase raffle tickets. The more money they end up with, the more raffle tickets they "buy," increasing their chances of winning a prize. Raffle tickets are then drawn in an exciting format for a variety of door prizes. We have seen clients provide door prizes ranging from everything from movie tickets to all-expense paid vacations! The value of the prize, however, does not matter as much as simply having some fun prizes to give away.

So is it just gambling the whole night?

No! In fact, the gaming is just one aspect to the event. Rob interjects lots of fun with:

Rob rewards participation or answering a trivia question correctly with more "cash." If he "catches" people having fun, they just might find some extra fun money in their hands too!

The energy level that Rob helps create is infectious. He skillfully creates a fun atmosphere throughout the evening, making sure that he creates a party that the guests will not forget!

Guests come in and dealers explain the various rules -- making it easy for those not familiar with the games to participate. Very low pressure... the emphasis is on FUN!

Let the games begin! Guests begin getting into the action. The energy level increases as people win.

But the fun is not just from winning... Rob gets people dancing AT the tables, singing along, clapping, and getting into the party mode... all while having a blast at the tables!

If Rob "catches" people having fun, he gives more chips and funny money out. The more fun they are "caught" having, the more money they get. It is infectious! Before you know it, Rob has EVERYBODY into the party!

With boas we supplied these ladies were looking so very chic and having a great time!

"Everyone I see dancing at their tables right now gets a $1,000 chip!"

The action is not just at the gaming tables... Rob interacts with people on the dance floor too, "rewarding" dancers with more fun money.

Rob throwing some "fun money" out into the crowd on the dance floor.

More "cash" out into the crowd!

For the serious casino players, they might want to try their luck at the craps table. Again, the rules are explained in a non-intimidating way making it easy for people to participate.

High-FIVES for the dealer! (No security cameras on these dealers! They want the guests to have FUN!)

Check out THESE winnings!! That's gonna buy a lot of raffle tickets for those door prizes!

Roulette too for some more variety in the gaming.

More "cash" for the party-people!

Check out these big spenders!

"Who wants some cash? Make some noise!"

It has fast become one of the most popular theme parties and Rob has been identified as being the top talent around for MCing and DJing these events. He has had clients all over the Atlanta area and as far as Texas and Montreal bring him to make sure their casino parties are a huge success.

If you have questions about how these parties work or would like additional information, please contact Rob.

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