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Lighting Effects

"Rob, the lighting was awesome! My friends were saying they had never seen such a great lighting system. You were right, it really MADE the atmosphere! Much better than just dimming the lights and dancing in the dark."
Shawn and Laura

Lighting creates the atmosphere!

The right lighting effects can add just the right spark to your event.

I know what you might be thinking, "But Rob we don't want our wedding reception to look like some cheesy scene from Saturday Night Fever…"

We absolutely agree! That is why we carefully select high-tech professional effects that create a tasteful and first class atmosphere. No goofy lava lamps or tacky "stop light" effects you might find in the novelty stores. The effects we use are the same types of effects that you would likely find in nightclubs.

Soft, warm lighting helps create a perfectly romantic atmosphere for slow dances
... while other Hi-Tech lighting effects add a fantastic visual jolt of energy during fast-dancing songs!
The lighting DOES make the atmosphere!
Perfect blend of lighting effects helps enhance the atmosphere YOU desire.

So what are the options?

Standard System (basic system)

This is the system that we include as a standard element in just about every event.

All of this is on a tripod that is elevated high above the dance floor to shine down on the dance area.

Enhanced System/ (recommended Wedding package)
-- only $75 for the entire function

Here is a quote from a videographer with whom we recently worked: "From a video perspective, I just loved your lighting package. It looked wonderful on video & added depth & dimension to the wedding reception." Tony J. Luca, Forever In Film, Inc., Wedding & Event Videography

[Click on the image to see the effects close-up from a different perspective]

This is the system that most brides and grooms request. It is the perfect blend of a tasteful display, soft romantic lighting, with high energy effects that really create some fun energy. This will very clearly set the mood and the expectation level of your guests that you want this to be a wonderful party and greatly enhances the atmosphere on the dance floor!

It is the same as the Standard System PLUS several other effects. Together it includes:

Plus a variety of other effects which may include:

[See pictures below of each of the effects] The hazer disburses a safe, odorless, colorless, non-toxic, non-irritating (safe for asthma sufferers), fine mist that helps make the lights appear almost 3-dimensional as you can see in some of the pictures below.

It is important to note that we do NOT have all the lights on all the time. We use different types of lighting effects to help create different types of moods at different times.

Grand System (Deluxe Wedding Package)

– only $295 for the entire event

This is the system that sends the message to your guests that you want this to be
the best party they've ever been to!

It includes all of the effects listed in the Deluxe System PLUS either a second lighting tree (as shown in the above picure) or a 7 foot truss elevated on high capacity crank-up tripod stands, high above the dance floor area such as this:

[This truss is similar to the basic framework.
This is used to support all the great effects listed below!]

There are great effects including:

2 Vertigo Pros II --
synced together so that dozens of colorful beams of light encircle the dance floor area to the beat of the music.

To see this light in action, click HERE to see a short video.

Avenger --
derby style design that distributes colorful beams of light around the room to the beat of the music.

To see this light in action, click HERE to see a short video.

Intelligent Lighting!

Optima Lighting
Spin Master III
These high tech DMX protocol effects have multiple colors, gobos, projected by a bright light that spins off a twirling mirrored drum -- completely adjustable by the DMX controller. With two of these linked together it creates an incredible effect!

To see a short video that is similar to this lighting effect, click HERE.

This shows the 2nd lighting tree with the intelligent lights and 2 minigressor effects.

More Intelligent Lighting!
Optima Lighting
Scan II

Incredible effect. 1 wheel with 16 gobo's & 1 wheel with 16 colors. Strobing; 4 channel DMX 512 protocol. Programmed with DMX controller above.

Might Scans - intelligent lighting effects with incredible features:

20 dichroic colors plus white • 21 fixed gobos • Separate gobo/color wheels • Split colors • DMX-512 protocol •Full focusing lens • X/Y mirror movement • High speed separate shutter for strobing in every color

To see this light in action, click HERE for a short video.

2 Fascinators - Intelligent Lighting Moonflower with 3-sided prism

• 3-sided prism with dichroic colored glass • 10 gobo patterns • 4 internal mirrors adds multiple gobo effect • Rotates back and forth to the beat of the music • Control via Sound activation or DMX-512

To see these lights in action, click HERE for a short video.

2 RotoPods - White Slow-moving Moonflowers

Creates a nice soothing light effect on the dance floor. Similar to a high-tech mirror ball effect, with a concentrated direction of the beams. Very nice effect.

To see these lights in action, click HERE for a short video.

Warp --
a wonderful tunnel effect that creates high output 'gobos' of shapes and colors. This one looks incredible with the use of a hazer!


Mega Strobe --
750 watt effect, great when used for a few brief (emphasis on brief!) moments during selected dance classic songs and disco tunes. Makes it seem like people are moving in slow motion... very cool effect!

RazzMa Tazz --
64 beams of powerful 300 watt light dance across the floor to the beat of the music; Very cool effect!

To see this light in action, click HERE to see a short video.

Hazer --
This is the latest high tech effect that compliments the lighting effects. It makes the lights seem 3-dimensional! Completely safe and non-toxic. Also, Hazers will NOT set off a smoke alarm.

Lotus -
Bright, vibrant colors dance across the floor to the beat of the music with a fantastic effect!


2 Minigressors --
16 lenes create 32 sound activated moving beams of bright, multi-colored light.
Orbit –
an effect that circulates colorful gobo designs around the room in a slow, romantic pattern

Mystic -
Beautifully colored gobo shapes encircle the dance floor to the beat of the music.

To see this light in action, click HERE to see a short video.

Mace effect –
2 colorful spheres rotate and spin, sending dozens of colorful beams of light around the dance area – a GREAT looking effect!
Gemini Stargazer – sending out dozens of high-output confetti-like beams of light that shower the room with dazzling color

Mirror Ball --
One of the all-time-classic effects is still effective at creating romantic beams of reflective light that circle the room; also great for putting just the right spark into those dance classic sets. Rob has designed a unique dual-pin spot set-up that disperses the light around the room.

6-head helicopter light - spinning and twirling throwing color all over the dance floor
Black-light effects to add a special pizzazz to the atmosphere in the room
Fog Machine - a burst of dramatic fog (in the right setting and for the right type of event, of course) can be a fantastic effect
High-powered 600 watt spotlight to highlight the guests of honor upon entrance and at other key moments  

This Grand System also includes the Bubble Machine and Confetti Launch.

Once again, please note that we don’t have ALL the lights on at the same time. Don’t worry about having all the high powered lights on flashing in your guests faces. We use the appropriate lighting effects at the appropriate times to COMPLIMENT the atmosphere. And the lighting really DOES make the atmosphere.


A wonderful way to greet your guests as they come into the facility or reception room! This theatre-style marquee, complete with running lights, can be personalized to any message you would like. Some of the most frequently used applications are to have this next to the gift table, directly outside the door to the facility, greeting people as they walk up the path to the reception location, etc. This can be reserved and provided for only $25 for the entire event. Contact Rob for reservation.

"Rob, the dance floor lighting that you provided was such a nice touch. It really added the right element of elegance to the romantic setting that Ed and I wanted."
Brenda and Ed

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